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Tamil Transliterate allows you to type in English and get the out put in to Tamil most of the users prefer them in Unicode to publish the content in the web site or to save it for later usage. This Tamil Transliterate will allow you to change the text in to letter by letter or word by word.

Most of the Tamil blog publishers use this Tamil Transliterate for quick typing of the article and to publish their blog pages faster in the internet. Like the blog owners the visitors too have this facility to post their comments in those blogs in Tamil language using the Tamil Transliterate.

Most of the computer keyboards are made with the English alphabets. You can have both the Tamil and English alphabets in the same computer keyboard but it will make them to look smaller and some time they may vanish due to frequent usage by the fingers.

So many people are developing different ways to type Tamil language easily and we must thank most of these developers for their technology and for leaving their product to be available for free in the internet for others to use and benefit from its usage.

It may be difficult to use the Tamil Transliterate program in the beginning, but once you are familiar with this program but once you are familiar with it, it will be very easy to type mails in Tamil language and to type articles for Blogs in Tamil very quickly. Many universities and colleges are testing these programs and are trying to improve their efficiency and correctness.

We will be reporting here about all the available programs and products that may help you with your Tamil translation works.

Type your text here See your results here
a aa, A i ee, I u oo, U
e ae, E ai au o oa, O
க் k, kh, g, c ங் nG ச் ch ஜ் j ஞ் nY
ட் d, t ண் nN த் dh, th ந் N ன் n
ப் b, bh, p ம் m ய் y ர் r ற் R
ல் l ள் L ழ் z, zh வ் v, w ஷ் sh
ஸ் s ஹ் h ஃப் f        
H, Ahh

Happy experimenting!

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