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Tamil translation works are mostly provided through the online services and through postal services from all over the world. Many large companies and individuals are performing this service on timely manner at affordable rate per page. All you have to do is to contact the correct company or a full time or part time service provider to perform your translation works. The charges may apply per word or per page according to the service provider. Payment can be sent through online payment method or through International money transfer method accepted by the translator.

Translator is a person who can convert articles from a foreign language or vice versa in to any of the required language as per the clients need without losing any of its originality. India and Sri Lanka Governments provide certification after examining their proficiency for these kinds of professionals who must meet the industry perfection to be as sworn translators. There are self made translators where most of them are highly educated persons provide the perfect outcome of the work they used to undertake. There are four kinds of service providers' worldwide, whom can be categorized as novice, professional, freelance and beginners in this translation field.

Thamil language is one of the ancient languages in the world. Currently it is used by millions of people to communicate between them in many part of the world. It got its own alphabets and numeric numbers. Like Greek language this too had changed its alphabets, pronunciation, and dialogue for to suite the modern day living. Even it has adopted its self to be made acceptable in to the computer sector. Some countries like Mauritius still uses the numeric numbers from this Tamil dialogue in their monetary currencies. Millions of books are available through Tamil language, as most of them are original scripts from the ancient times.

Popular foreign language literatures, poems and other important books are translated in to this language by many scholars. Lot of original and older literature, stories, and poems were written in palm leaves and are still are available in India and Srilanka.

Srila Sri Arumuganavalar a popular Hindu - Saiva scholar had written the Holy Bible in to this language around the year A.D 1800.

MT and OCR of Tamil are still not made perfectly. All the works are done manually to get the perfect result.
Google Inc provides many good facilities to translate Tamil language in to other world languages through their Apps and online websites free of charge.

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